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USC (United Studios Corporation)

Mike Winchester & Anna Riet

United Studios Corporation (USC) is a music organization, label and community. Official foundation date of USC is August 1st, 2005 in Moscow, Russian Federation. Its main task is to present works of associated authors to wide public. Our project is open for creative and interesting persons: musicians, designers, reviewers, publishers and event organizers. The main direction will always be publication and distribution of music, mainly electronic. The important point is that all primary label publications are distributed by Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. The label also offers rather flexible terms outside the main license through USC Plus division.


audio 248


Ambient 122
Space 92
Traditional Electronic 87
Atmospheric 86
New Age 57
Synthesizer 56
Melodic 55
Minimal 51
Soundscapes 49
Berlin School 44
Synthpop 38
Experimental 35
Futuristic 34
Dream 31
Industrial 31
Psychedelic 31
Mystic 30
Psy-Ambient 29
Meditative 28
Electro 27
Nature 27
Sequences 26
Symphonic 26
Drone Ambient 25
Modern Classical 24
Spherical 24
Dark Ambient 22
Light 22
Spiritual 21
Cinematic 20
Spacesynth 20
Urban 20
Abstract 19
Darkness 17
Unknown 17
Indietronica 16
Tranquility 16
Chillout 15
Progressive 15
Dubstep 14
Noise 14
Score 14
Dance 13
Melancholic 13
Post-Rock 13
Technology 13
IDM 12
Interstellar 12
Lounge 12
Fear 11
Philosophic 11
Clearness 10
EBM 10
Ethnic 10
Ptarkh 10
Retro-Futuristic 10
Sound Research 10
Vintage 10
World 10
sokpb avabodha 10
Breakbeat 9
Dimension 9
Field 9
Future 9
Trance 9
Water 9
Antalio 8
Illumination 8
Metropolis 8
Saty 8
Time 8
Ancient 7
Chiptune 7
Dmitriy Samoylenko 7
Flight 7
Horror 7
Isolation 7
Luminescence 7
Wise 7
Abandoned 6
Alien 6
Consciousness 6
Electricity 6
Electroacoustic 6
Epic 6
Fantasy 6
One Day of February 6
Planets 6
Profound 6
Soft Note 6
Street 6
The Modergrade 6
War 6
Darkwave 5
Desolation 5
Electroclash 5
Electronic Rock 5
Oriental 5
Rhythmic Noise 5
Sci-Fi 5
Synthesizers 5
Tornfly 5
Tribal 5
Alarm 4
Death 4
Decay 4
Devastation 4
Mist 4
Nuclear 4
Ocean 4
Orchestra 4
Organic 4
Piano 4
Rigel Centaurus 4
Smooth Jazz 4
Trip-Hop 4
Void 4
Waves 4
AlmA 3
Ambient Dub 3
Catacombs 3
Electronic Metal 3
Ether 3
Fight 3
Futurepop 3
Indie Rock 3
Invasion 3
Lowercase 3
Nymphomania 3
Okkulta 3
Oleg Pavlov 3
Over-Load 3
Post-Apocalyptic 3
Radio 3
Radio Silence 3
Ramio Lin 3
Relax 3
Romance 3
Sand 3
SiJ 3
Sounds of Mind 3
Underground 3
Vermos 3
Vitaliy Baldych 3
hash-head 3
Avantgarde 2
Classicus 2
Cold 2
Common Ratio 2
Conspiracy Foundation 2
Crypt 2
Desert 2
EM 2
Easy Listening 2
Emptiness 2
Evening Music 2
Film Music 2
Fog 2
Funk 2
Game Music 2
Glitch 2
Goa Trance 2
Gothic 2
Graffiti 2
House 2
Kenji 2
Mabi 2
Mornastra 2
Mountains 2
Mr. Gaus 2
Nickolay Fedorenko 2
Night Music 2
Noise Rock 2
Post-Punk 2
Posthuman 2
Psy-Trance 2
Punk 2
Quantum Mechanics 2
Redgloam 2
Sinu Spiral 2
Sleep 2
Stark's Pond 2
Unstoppable Music 2
Utopia 2
Vinich 2
Vortex Mechanic 2
Wandering Wind 2
Alternative 1
Amroque 1
Anime 1
Area 1
Bad Sector 1
Bells 1
Bitpop 1
Boulevard 1
Cafe 1
Community 1
Cosmos 1
Cyber 1
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USC (United Studios Corporation)
by UTP Community
This topic is for music which authors are sometimes uncertain and can be identified only by experienced listeners. We're welcome everybody to help us determine these wonderful tracks from all over the world and also add your own unknown tracks to this list. Together we can reveal all the music! You can submit your own lost tracks to our e-mail address and if they are interesting enough to discover we would add them to playlist. We keep music in playlist only until we...
Topics: unknown, help, resolve, unknown artist, unknown title, unknown album, what is the music, what...
The virtual reality interferes into the most private spheres of human life, sometimes defining his destiny... 01.Anima's Smile (3:41) 02.Cyber Love II (4:48) 03.Transformation (4:46) 04.Cyber Love I (7:11) 05.Dream Pulse (4:17) 06.Diva (4:09) 07.Orange Dream (4:04) 08.Memories of Oldfield (5:38) 09.Stars are Shining (4:46) 10.Back in Time (3:25) All instruments programmed, synthesizers and keyboards played, music written and arranged by Carlo Celuque. Artwork by Santiago. Official Site:...
Topics: Atmospheric, Berlin School, Light, Lounge, Melodic, Spacesynth, Synthesizer, Traditional...
Let the sound of orchestra carry you deep into the ocean. It’s an underwater travel without an aqualung. Dive into fine tenderness and formidable power of the great element. Tracklist: 01.Waterscapes (36:00) Composed by Soft Note. Instruments programmed and played, music written and arranged by Philipp Kalchuk. Painting by Hela Helica Zidovnik Lesac. Artwork by Edward Kalchuk. Official Site: Releases Blog: Discogs:...
Topics: Ambient, Atmospheric, Epic, Modern Classical, Orchestra, Score, Soft Note, Soundscapes, Space,...
Dear listeners! Thank you for the interest to the ‘International Electronic Music Alliance: Berlin School Compilation’. If you like it, please support the artists who made and shared this music - buy their CDs and web releases, visit their concerts, talk about them to your friends. For any reuse, broadcasting or distribution of the tracks from ‘International Electronic Music Alliance: Berlin School Compilation’ please contact their authors (addresses are written inside the booklet and...
( 2 reviews )
Topics: Berlin School, EM, Electronic Music, Sequencers, Synthesizers, Space
USC (United Studios Corporation)
by Unstoppable Music
The collection of orchestral symphonic music recorded for Russian shorts «Phone Call» and «The Doubt» with some additional pieces. Tracklist: 01.All Will Be Well (1:01) 02.Do You Still Doubt? (7:21) 03.End Credits (Phone Call) (1:19) 04.End Credits (The Doubt) (1:23) 05.Escape (1:38) 06.Final Stories (2:32) 07.Hello (1:37) 08.Intro (Phone Call) (1:18) 09.Just a Dream (4:06) 10.Score I (Phone Call) (0:38) 11.Talk to Me (1:54) 12.In My Head (3:36) 13.Male Mori Quam Foedari (Trailer Version)...
( 2 reviews )
Topics: Cinematic, Epic, Film Music, Modern Classical, Orchestra, OST, Score, Soundtrack, Symphonic,...
The Silk Road... Caravan pathway connecting East Asia with Mediterranean in ancient times and Middle ages. The Silk Road played a great role in the development of the economic and cultural relations of the peoples in the middle East, the Caucasus, Central Asia and China. For example, it served as a conductor of the spread of knowledge and innovation, including creativity: dance, music, visual arts, architecture, and technology: self-production of silk, gunpowder, paper and more. It was a long...
Topics: Ether, Psy-Ambient, Desert, East, Ethnic, Mystic, Sand
An attempt to depict diversity and beauty of the Universe through a prism of orchestral music. Flowing symphony of light, warmth and harmony. The stars are smiling to you. Tracklist: 01.Singing Universe (44:00) Composed by Soft Note. All instruments programmed, music written and arranged by Philipp Kalchuk. Painting by Teodor Hueala. Artwork by Edward Kalchuk. Official Site: Releases Blog: Discogs:
( 1 reviews )
Topics: Ambient, Atmospheric, Light, Luminescence, Modern Classical, Score, Soft Note, Soundscapes, Space,...
Celistic comes from the word "Celestial". It is a name of the star system with plenty of planetary systems suitable for human life. Celistic is a fantastic world full of incredible stories and adventures against far future. Ordinary people here become heroes able to decide destinies of millions. Tracklist: 01.Battle for Baliv (1:56) 02.Invasion (2:02) 03.Ruins (4:28) 04.Yufus (4:31) 05.Starships Graveyard (15:07) 06.Texhnolyze (5:33) 07.Electric Life (2:47) 08.Lamar (2:56) 09.Asteroid...
Topics: Ambient, Experimental, Futuristic, Mikael Kovsh, Soft Note, sokpb avabodha, Soundscapes, Space,...
Galactic center is relatively small - about 1000 parsecs. Hidden behind the clouds of gas and dust, it is a real stellar nursery. The formation of galaxy began here. Around the giant space monster - a supermassive black hole located in the heart of the galaxy, stellar population is most plentiful. If the stars in the center of the galaxy have civilizations, they may be billions of years older than humanity. During this time they could have reached a level of development that comparing to us...
Topics: Ambient, Space, Epic, Atmospheric, Cosmos
The history of certain civilization's struggle with the chaos of information, in which it fell with the development of communication and general rise of informatization. Unstructured information hinders the progress. But this civilization has found a way out: a special virus, battling with an excess of useless information and confusion in one's mind, who inculcates it to himself. The virus is non-pathogenic, but connects to the system of individual, integrates into it, allowing to eventually...
Topics: Futuristic, Post-Apocalyptic, Psy-Ambient, Psychedelic, Sequences, Synthesizer, Tornfly,...
This album is an attempt to combine orchestral music with soundscapes. It can be called psychedelic in some ways. The shape and dynamics of sound worth some special attention as they create otherworld landscapes. All kinds of spectral colours are exercised to piece it together. I hope my work will give free scope to your imagination. Tracklist: 01.Spirit Walker (8:25) 02.Highlands (6:34) 03.Beneath the Stars (7:03) 04.Spirits of Desert (7:08) Composed by Soft Note. All instruments programmed,...
Topics: Ambient, Atmospheric, Cinematic, Modern Classical, Score, Soft Note, Soundscapes, Symphonic
A dramatic cosmic saga about the distant future. The triumph of the technology should have given infinite facilities, but the human race becomes unsatisfied with things been conquered. Envy and greed erode souls of citizens of the Solar System Federation. The great scientific achievements get at the service of bad aspirations and lead to the cold war. As a result of the turmoil the real military actions break out. However, the great minds foretell an attainment into a new level, hitherto...
Topics: Alarm, Ambient, Fight, Flight, Future, IDM, Interstellar, Invasion, Psy-Ambient, Space,...
This emotional landscape music is an essential picture of passing time: epic, drastic and breathtaking. Sensitive patterns of light tones fill the mind with pleasant memories of the past, heat the interest for current moment and gives the strength to look to the future. Tracklist: 01.Hibernation (1:25) 02.Spring Valley (2:22) 03.Hasten to Do It (3:45) 04.Life a Maple Leaf (8:18) 05.Virtue (3:26) 06.Being in Tibet (2:22) 07.Belief in the Future (4:41) 08.After a Winter Walk (0:55) 09.Melancholy...
Topics: Cinematic, Epic, Modern Classical, New Age, Orchestra, Profound, Score, Spiritual, Symphonic, Volex...
Berlin School, Quantum Mechanics, Sequences, Synthesizers, Traditional Electronic, Futuristic
( 1 reviews )
Topics: Berlin School, Quantum Mechanics, Sequences, Synthesizers, Traditional Electronic, Futuristic
Quantum mechanics is not simply a branch of physics or some direction in science. Quantum mechanics is a very different conception on the reality around us and about our place in the world. To understand what it means, here is an example of such idea: if two interrelated electron are divided by space as big as the universe, and we affect one of them, the second electron instantly react to changes with the first. This is not a signal between them - it is the relationship as a single whole...
Topics: Berlin School, Dimension, Dream, Futuristic, Melodic, Progressive, Sequences, Traditional Electronic
Future. Forthcoming. The state of time which will certainly happen and take form of the present. But in this instance future is not a state of time, future is a state of society, culture and science. Being in progress, the world follows from age to age, and then a moment comes when every dweller on Earth may say for sure: "Yes, I'm already living in the future now, it has come!". This state of society ripens very slowly, but inevitably - hereof futurists, scientists and sociologists...
Topics: Traditional Electronic, Berlin School, Space, Futuristic, Psy-Ambient
USC (United Studios Corporation)
by Radio Silence
When frosts come, life hides in warm corners, covering from the harsh weather. Powerful storm whirls in a fast paced dance and veils the land with a fluffy white blanket. Frost draws intricate traceries on the windows. At nightfall, snowy vasts begin to sparkle under mysterious flickering starlight. The air is filled with thrilling anticipation of the holiday, and the magic of the New Year story from childhood dreams knocks at your house. 01.Frosts (7:29) 02.Kate Sleeps: Waiting for the New...
( 1 reviews )
Topics: Traditional Electronic, Atmospheric, Ambient, New Age
Step into the world of far-away stars and immerse yourself into darkness of cosmic depths on a spaceship with non-technogenic design. Find yourself in distant future and look at the beauty of our own Milky Way with the eyes of a human and aliens' union. Death cannot not stop life in these infinite spaces. 01.Cosmic Voyager (7:52) 02.Distant Dark (7:56) 03.Crystal Water and the Sky (7:58) 04.Lost Hong (13:12) 05.Death Will Come Too Late (9:04) 06.Light-Blue Aster (8:08) 07.Crystal Band (6:22)...
Topics: Retro-Futuristic, Traditional Electronic, Berlin School, Space, Synthesizers, Sequences
Magical immersion into fabulous atmosphere, filled with fantasy imagery, voices of birds and forest, sounds of wind and water, touched by tender golden sunlight. 01.Overture (2:09) 02.Starlight Night (1:58) 03.Magic Fountain (1:46) 04.Delfania (2:21) 05.Elven Lullaby (2:03) 06.Dreaming (1:36) 07.Sunny Trees (4:20) 08.Rain (3:47) 09.Dancers in Mist (4:14) 10.Forest of Myth (3:01) 11.Rainy Moon (4:17) 12.Mystery (3:36) 13.Enchanting (5:30) 14.Astral (4:43) 15.Realm (5:28) 16.New Dreamers (3:24)...
Topics: Fantasy, Light, Lumiere Tales, Modern Classical, Nature, New Age, Piano, Score, Symphonic
This unique release is built around main title track Deep Forest, which is actually a pre-WMRI track made by other member Alex Ilin. It was covered with dust for 3 years after recording and first issued only in 2006. It later remained in shadow of more popular Voices of Space and didn't get proper spread. Now it's a really precious gem with ageing more than eight years, but still sounding fresh and impressive. To be more alluring it is supported by other tracks of Alex recorded jointly with...
Topics: Ambient, Future, House, Metropolis, Remixes, Synthesizer, Technology, Traditional Electronic,...
Traditional electronic music - a genre that will never be popular. It is too romantic and not the story of the household chores, too tactful and do not impose itself on the listener. There are always a bit of composers who are ready to give up their claims to the easily achievable popularity in the name of intelligent romance - it's usually home musicians who work for the pleasure, if not into the desk drawer - and in our time in Russia there are only a few of them. This year, one of those few...
Topics: WMRI, Traditional Electronic, Berlin School, Futuristic, Synthpop, Symphonic, Electro, Dream,...
The first of albums dedicated to seasons. As the year begins with winter, so this series begins with mystic sonic images of cold snow-covered plains somewhere at the edge of the world, where starry sky touches the ground. Tracklist: 01.For Esther (1:54) 02.Living in the Night (4:02) 03.Beauty in the Decadence (2:58) Composed by Sounds of Mind. All instruments programmed, music written and arranged by Nikolay Malyugin. Photos by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Adam Russell. Artwork by Anna...
( 1 reviews )
Topics: Ambient, Atmospheric, Melodic, Modern Classical, Mystic, Nature, Psy-Ambient, Psychedelic, Sounds...
The time has come to leave the dear planet and human slipped from the cradle of Earth to lay the path to far stars. Floating through dimensions on the wings of light the man draws his mind and creativity to new worlds transforming them into the glorious islands of life in full swing. All these unseen wonders are perfectly created using deep complex soundscapes mixed with endless drones and eternal calmness. Tracklist: 01.Расставание с Землёй (Parting with Earth) (23:25)...
Topics: Atmospheric, Dimension, Drone Ambient, Interstellar, Light, Meditative, Rigel Centaurus,...
It all started with the cold light of stars. They glanced into illuminators, creating reflections on the control panel, running reflections inside the floating motionless in the silence ship. Surrounded by alien luminaries for a billion parsecs from home, you dwell in the intergalactic quietness and charm of spread before the consciousness abyss. How could the Universe sound? How to hear it? Exemption from impenetrable protective shell and a spacewalk should bring to the knowledge of pure...
Topics: Ambient, Atmospheric, Cinematic, Dark Ambient, Futuristic, Industrial, Interstellar, Sirius...
This vintage electronic album sounds like it was taken from the dusty vaults of some 80s studio. Genuine atmosphere takes you back. The small piece of lost sunny golden age of music. Tracklist: 01.Memoirs Fiola (7:20) 02.Some Day (7:43) 03.Shared Flops (7:36) 04.Night Snow (7:52) 05.Vieser (8:10) 06.Tanleg (9:37) 07.Technodrive (5:48) 08.Grief and Сalmness (8:27) 09.Night Reflections (6:26) Composed by Exalot. All instruments programmed, keyboards and synthesizers played, music written,...
Topics: Atmospheric, Berlin School, Exalot, Light, Lounge, Melodic, Spacesynth, Synthesizer, Traditional...
Dreams emerge out of our experiences and deepest wishes. Some of them can be implemented, for they are simple - inspired by the daily need. Another ones are impossible in reality, made of fragile materia, often reside to dreamers. They are very affected to outer influences, that can hurt or distort. So please, don't interfere another's dreams - just try to understand and share them. 01.Vinyl Memories (1:38) 02.Past Present Future (5:28) 03.Everytime & Never (4:45) 04.Talking to the Wind...
Topics: Berlin School, Dream, Fantasy, Light, Melodic, New Age, Progressive, Radio Silence, Sequences,...
Moving in the sparkling reality of celestial objects is a dream of all dreams. Climbing the world's roof you see the miracles that can't be described. They just exist and live their lives as they want. Comets float in sweeping motions. When tired - they fall. Fluffy dust clouds are shaping for years and for the eye of the observer look like fixed sculptures. The lonely starship paves the route through countless parsecs. It is set for a timeless journey to a closer interesting star and now it's...
Topics: Ambient, Atmospheric, Dimension, Interstellar, Light, Meditative, Planets, Rigel Centaurus,...
The long space journey starts on native land. You're filled with enthusiasm and don't even suspect which trial awaits. You successfully reach a distant planet in another solar system standing on its orbit to have a better look - it's a beautiful sight, strange and so different world - you want to visit it. A mysterious faraway planet captures with the magic of its landscapes, dipping into the vortex of the visions. But after a while you're absorbed with the feeling that something is missing,...
Topics: Ambient, Electro, Interstellar, Melodic, New Age, Sequences, Space, Spacesynth, Synthesizer,...
An amazing world of clouds - so different and constantly changing, so tender in summer brightness or heavy in winter melancholy. Eternal natural creatures that take most bizarre shapes and than vanish in boundless skies. Light world of neverending motion... Tracklist: 01.Cirrus Cloud (3:39) 02.Tears of Clouds (4:48) 03.Sequenced Clouds (4:21) 04.Curly Cloud (3:59) 05.Nomadic Cloud (4:06) 06.Cloud in a Pocket (5:18) 07.Clouds Watcher (3:11) 08.Cloud Sleeper (4:08) 09.Twisted Cloud (4:30)...
Topics: Atmospheric, Chillout, Dream, Melodic, New Age, Relax, Soundscapes, Spherical, Tenth Cloud,...
Mysterious and diversiform as the cosmic scopes, this graceful electronic music will take into a wonderful flight through cosmic vastness. Due to the mankind's progress in conquering of space the Solar System Federation was founded. The melancholic symphony of space humanity is spread all around the galaxy and unhurried cosmowagons are floating in an open interstellar carrying the passengers to places near and far away. Composed by Tornfly. All instruments programmed, music written and...
Topics: Berlin School, Flight, Future, Interstellar, Melancholic, Psy-Ambient, Sequences, Space, Symphonic,...
Movement is essential for life. When you look around, you see the dynamic processes everywhere: so it was, so it is, so it will be. But when the objects stop and rest, they are likely fall out of a running stream and become nonexistent for those, who is moving. They are in their own system of interaction, concentrated on the inner evolution. There are two states of nonexistence: before and after stir - two seeming existences, because still objects are real for each other, while different by...
Topics: Abstract, Experimental, Fear, Gediminas Bytautas, Hardcore, Industrial, Psychedelic
A continuous music play beginning with the coming of winter-tide, its sorcery, kind and enchanting, but turning then into blizzard's fury, its dark witchery and finally into victory over fierce winter, when the breath of spring spreads through all the air. Tracklist: 01.The Winter Has Come (2:54) 02.Magic Hours (3:15) 03.Fantastic Dream (7:54) 04.Winter Fairy Tale (7:38) 05.Snow Smile (3:27) 06.In Blizzard's Captivity (2:57) 07.In the Heart of Snowstorm (6:37) 08.Not a Clear Dance (2:48)...
Topics: AlmA, Atmospheric, Cinematic, Fantasy, Modern Classical, Nature, New Age, Score, Symphonic
USC (United Studios Corporation)
by Vortex Mechanic
The long road of learning is strewn with obstacles and provides many enticing detours that seem quite reliable, however, eventually lead to a dead end. Sometimes you have to stop and return to what once was unfairly rejected. And here we are again where we started, therefore we have to blaze a new path... We must gain the courage to recognize that many modern concepts - err, and to pull out of the dark closet forbidden knowledge. We must cease inventing the false postulates and deduce from them...
Topics: Vortex Mechanic, Traditional Electronic, Psy-Ambient, Berlin School, Chillout, New Age,...
Stars have been plotted to a celestial map since the man raised his head to the night sky. He has collected the thoughts of his ancestors to build the real image and comprehension of the natural phenomenon seen above. The wonderful mystic world has opened before him holding its own order of things interaction. Even using the common sense you could feel the majesty and beauty of the bright shining eyes of the universe that form from nothing, live their long-term life and finally either blast...
Topics: Ambient, Atmospheric, Illumination, Interstellar, Meditative, Mystic, Planets, Profound, Rigel...
Solar system is a giant cosmic city. The planets, warmed with heat near the Sun, chase each other, while on the edge of the Solar system, where cold reigns, frozen worlds live their mysterious life in unhurried motion. Here, on the boundary, the Sun is so far, that it can hardly be found among billions of alien stars in the sky. Anxious darkness enchants, and so near extrasolar space is beckoning. And still we are under protection of the gravity of our star. One little step is enough to leave...
Topics: Vortex Mechanic, Traditional Electronic, Psy-Ambient, Space, Berlin School
Eispollaetidespota is a word that means very special musical vision and creative labor that connected musicians of this project. Soundscapes and thoughts that appeal to the themes of human, emotions, spirit, nature and technology. An attempt to find harmony inside oneself and reconcile to the world. This is difficult and often gives rise to a momentary rapture and then anxiety. Naive melodies help to be alone. Reckon on the small house at the coast that keeps the hearth, cosiness and comfort....
Topics: Ambient, Atmospheric, Chillout, Cinematic, Eispollaetidespota, Minimal, New Age, Profound,...
Dynamically evolving canvas, short sketches in different scenes. This cinematic orchestral music - the result of biannual work - continues the theme about unity with nature, started in the debut album. An attempt to express the creation process of the world wherein we live via music means and majestic orchestra and choir sounds. Listening to the album you may travel sequentially on the main existence stages of the Universe since the moment of its enigmatic origin to the appearance of life on...
Topics: Atmospheric, Cinematic, Classicus, Epic, Modern Classical, Nature, New Age, Orchestra, Philosophic,...
USC (United Studios Corporation)
by Soft Note & Sinu Spiral
Prepare your space suits! Unknown planets and corners of the universe are waiting for you. Being inspired by science fiction of 70-90s and using vintage analogue synthesizers, the authors do not copy classics, but represent a lot of sound experiments, reconstructing cosmic atmosphere. Tracklist: 01.Drifting in Space (5:01) 02.Blue Sun (1:31) 03.Lightwaves (3:40) 04.Nebula (1:29) 05.Probe (0:52) 06.Unknown Sector (1:14) 07.Asteroids (1:13) 08.Shortwave Transmission (1:29) 09.Lost Colony (1:22)...
Topics: Abstract, Ambient, Experimental, Sinu Spiral, Soft Note, Soundscapes, Space, Synthesizer
This album is dedicated to any human consciousness being in entirely different locations. Associative series, sensual connections, imaginative flow - it all takes place. But these things are only a conception. Musical shell presented by a personal experiences of different places, memories and events. The only thing remains unchanged (i.e. the formula): "I'm always here". This "I" do not depend on anything and from anyone. Let it be a place that appears and shows all...
Topics: Ralax, Industrial, IDM, Darkwave, Modern Classical, Urban, Melancholic, Synthpop
The will of photographer who has imprinted moments of life creates a kaleidoscope of the past. Opening a photoalbum, you get captured by the whirl of remembrances. Pictures of long time gone days become alive in front of your eyes, unfamiliar people and places are alluring into their tiny worlds. Some of snapshots are quite fuzzy and contain only common details giving freedom to fantasy, others stun with depth and emotional fullness. But this mosaic is far from being intact, therefore it keeps...
Topics: Ambient, Atmospheric, Drone Ambient, Meditative, Tranquil, Lost-Radio, Melancholic
USC (United Studios Corporation)
by Lost Radiance
Look around - and you will see the endless majesty of cosmos, a myriad of stars, whose light goes hundreds, thousands, millions and billions years. What keeps us from reaching them? Damned relativity! But there is a way to overcome it! In the beginning there were only thoughts, concepts. Alcubierre drive, Krasnikov tube. There only one challenge remains: generation of matter with negative density of energy - and forward, to the stars! There, where new life, new intelligence, new destination...
Topics: Traditional Electronic, Berlin School, Lost Radiance, Space Ambient, Space, Futuristic, Sci-Fi
Tracklist: 01.Оставьте пирамиды (Leave the Pyramids) (3:31) 02.Новострой (New Buildings) (2:08) 03.Небо в птице (Sky in Bird) (3:55) 04.Расцветала новая весна (New Spring Has Been Blooming) (2:42) 05.Сияние (Shining) (2:24) 06.Когда погас хлорофилл (When Chlorophyll Has Faded Out) (3:00) 07.Паруса (Sails) (3:26) 08.Just-Can't-Explain (3:08) 09.Сквозь пространство (Throught the Space) (3:30)...
Topics: The Modergrade, Post-Rock, Minimal, Indietronica, New Age, IDM, Vinich, Net Pirate, I.D.,...
The search for energy is vital question of human existence, because he is highly dependent on it in modern life; the need is growing, while resources are drying up faster and faster. There is a fragile hope on space resources, but this is not a cheap gamble, full of risk, requiring large attachment of knowledge and being fraught with deep reefs, but in the end this also demands exorbitant resources. But some scientists dream of an infinite energy source and even claim that it exists. The...
( 1 reviews )
Topics: Berlin School, Sequences, Synthesizers, Traditional Electronic
Time has no beginning and no end, but we can take a segment even from infinity. To take a slice of time and to put it on a table of the expert, who can explain the meaning of what is happening there. The past is so murky that it often becomes an object of thorough study: if not it, then what else has a direct link with where, or better say, how we do exist. At the same time, the future is being built before our eyes and by our hands, although at times it is unpredictable - only if in the...
Topics: Berlin School, Retro-Futuristic, Space, Spacesynth, Traditional Electronic, Vintage, Synthwave,...
In the wake of tramp-Voyager, on the narrow pathway of stardust, upon the steps of brave explorer and pioneer we rush into depths of other spaces. Charming by its majesty, expanse widens in front of us: the ocean of silence and calm, eternity of countless light years of flight. Stars - rare violators of the gravitational quiet - flash sometimes on observation screen, separated by days and months of traveling. Infinity swirls by nebulae and currents of radiation hides in time folds, appears...
Topics: Ambient, Atmospheric, Cinematic, Futuristic, Interstellar, Soundscapes, Space, New Age
Numiba 32 moves in a very prolonged elliptical orbit. One year lasts 500 terrestrial years there. Approaching the sun, it becomes free from ice, and life begins to bloom, but when it leaves, everything freezes and dies. Slowly flowing sounds open before the mind's eye majestic cosmoscapes, living through this inevitable alternation of blossom and fading. Tracklist: 01.Весна (Spring) (18:00) 02.Лето (Summer) (17:08) 03.Осень (Autumn) (19:14) 04.Зима (Winter) (10:24) Composed by...
Topics: Ambient, Atmospheric, Illumination, Interstellar, Meditative, Mystic, Nature, Planets, Profound,...
Music of this Saty's work transmits a little piece of Eastern wisdom. Skillful and sophisticated use of traditional Eastern instruments combines with ethereal electronic pads - it is a real mastery, worthy the most careful attention. The composer has made a great musical exploration and found those important particles which are completely able to transmit spirit and beauty of Eastern traditions. The album is divided on two logical parts. The first is more common and represents traditional...
Topics: Ambient, Drone Ambient, Ethnic, Indian, Mystic, New Age, Oriental, Raga, Saty, Spiritual, World
Like the birth of a supernova illuminates the cold expanse of space, so these bright compositions are similar to rays of light and energy. These images of the future will not leave indifferent anyone, who loves science fiction, and who is willing to indulge in nostalgia for the golden era of melodic electronic music, unprecedented progress in space exploration, when the science was considered as fascinating and honorable occupation. Immerse yourself into the world of wonderful achievements,...
Topics: Atmospheric, Melodic, Mornastra, Space, Spacesynth, Synthpop, Traditional Electronic, Oleg Pavlov,...
There should be music that helps you feel mighty, and why not this album that leads you through difficult exposures? Lighter and darker environments in one place can be quite a challenge for dark loving community. Tracklist: 01.Space (7:22) 02.In the House of My Fear (5:58) 03.Breath of Darkness (7:18) 04.Between (13:12) 05.Vibrations (10:12) Composed by Ptarkh. All instruments programmed and music written, mixed and mastered by Valentin Ozerov. Artwork by Alexander Prokophiev. Design by Paint...
Topics: Dark Ambient, Fear, Horror, Industrial, Isolation, Noise, Psy-Ambient, Ptarkh, Soundscapes,...
In the third album Antalio turns from optimistic spacesynth to darker and experimental sound with some industrial touch. Using the old soviet synthesizer Formanta and American Ensoniq, Antalio tries to make some raw and depressive sound. This time the music is pretty aggressive, but it is still melodic and fascinating, as bright as all his the works. Composed by Antalio. All instruments programmed, music written and arranged, artwork by Anton Talnov. Official site:
Topics: Antalio, Darkness, EBM, Electronic Rock, Futurepop, Industrial, Mystic, Spacesynth, Synthesizer,...
Rustle of broken branches and fallen leaves, whisper of sad spirits, near and distant noises come along with you in the endless walk through the land of the dead. Abandoned mechanical structures corrode under the rain. Murmurous streams run under heavy-clouded skies. Only the sound of heartbeat binds the stranger with the world of living, but soon the inevitable darkness absorbs it without a trace. Composed by Ptarkh. All instruments programmed, music written, keyboards played by Valentin...
Topics: Ambient, Dark Ambient, Darkness, Death, Experimental, Fear, Horror, Industrial, Noise, Ptarkh,...
In an attempt to create new stuff SKAARJ mixes classical ambient with elements of industrial, techno and noise in a conceptual album. «The Human and the World» is like a different point of view on a modern globalized mankind and a history of a person inside it trying to find oneself. Using only outdated software and archival samples most of which are made before 1997, analogue synthesizers and 8-track editor SKAARJ produces the true old school sound of the 20th century. 01.At the Bottom of...
Topics: Ambient, Berlin School, Melodic, Sequences, SKAARJ, Space, Synthesizer, Traditional Electronic
The second Internet album, which absorbed the various facets of electronic and ambient. Music gets better, richer and more interesting in sound and content. The album contains both the rhythmic and beatless compositions. Tracklist: 01.Search (8:47) 02.Night in the Observatory (4:33) 03.The Tribe of Discoverer (4:24) 04.Planetary Twist (3:28) 05.Breaking (4:07) 06.Dead Civilizations' Echo (4:32) 07.The Ninth Moon (6:25) 08.Mechanical Catharsis (3:44) 09.Interstellar Meditation (6:17)...
Topics: Futuristic, hash-head, Illumination, Melodic, Philosophic, Profound, Progressive, Psy-Ambient,...
We've collected some mysteries. We can't reveal them, just show. After all sometimes only the intuition is able to bring success where the mind is powerless, and the scientific knowledge turns into bewitching mystery. Tracklist: 01.Rendered in Parallel Universe (9:23) 02.Coincidences (4:22) 03.Communications (9:24) 04.Robots Dancing in September (9:35) 05.Universe Online (10:15) 06.Moon Piece (4:12) 07.On the Periphery of the Time Vortex (3:45) 08.Factorial (5:23) 09.Through Fiction Gate...
Topics: Berlin School, Mystic, Progressive, Sequences, Space, Spherical, Synthesizer, Technology,...
DON-TxCUT_THE>F^IR~H^IR Do you feel that there is not enough sun in your life and you want to plunge into a forgotten childhood again? Are you incorrigible dreamer and romanticist within the child soul the whole term of your life? So this music would be the sweet cake for your heart. It takes you through all the familiar places, where you've been once, and returns the experienced feelings. Remember, your childhood hasn't gone anywhere, it remains in your heart forever! Tracklist: 01.Fair...
Topics: Bitpop, Chiptune, Electroclash, Experimental, Glitch, Indietronica, Noise, Pavel Kingdom Graff,...
USC (United Studios Corporation)
by Nymphomania
This is a real trip into mind. The fractal image of the inner self. A kaleidoscope of visions that have a meaning, but you should be sure, because taking the wrong path leads you nowhere. The labyrinth built by one's mind may look confusing, but it gives the hints - just listen. And never touch that green switch! Tracklist: 01.Till My Throat Hurts (4:47) 02.Benuld (4:43) 03.Emmi Shlafer (7:23) 04.Entactogen (3:41) 05.Nortgh - Blath (3:36) 06.Moralvive (6:10) 07.Gomin(g)a (4:29) 08.Be! (6:05)...
Topics: Ambient, Drone Ambient, Ethnic, Experimental, Nymphomania, Psychedelic
Celestial mechanics is a great mystery and no one knows its arrangement. Saty opens a way to cognition in art form. Deep compositions are able to give you the mental food. Monumental canvas woven from stellar energy and particles gradually forms into a solid world which destiny is foreordained. 01.Seen the Light (5:33) 02.Spherical Gears (3:44) 03.Ritual for the Seed of Time (2:27) 04.Gravity Domain (2:27) 05.Drifting in Dense Environment (4:23) 06.Realm of Convolving Winds (3:15) 07.System on...
Topics: Ambient, Bells, Devastation, Drone Ambient, Minimal, Saty, Soundscapes, Space, Spiritual
A confined path filled with astonishing paradoxes that occur on your way forward. A race on the wide band of road, while environment becomes even more strange in the course of time. Robotic structures made from basic blocks are progressing, build each other like a giant meccano producing tens of ready mechanisms every minute. This is an electronic nightmare in which one may get caught. An endless maze-world from which there is no escape. Would it wish to let you go? 01.I am Robot (4:22)...
Topics: Darkwave, Mabi, Synthpop, Electro, Industrial, Futuristic
Desert life is not as monotonous as it may seem to be at first sight. If you look narrowly at it you can notice a lot of details. The first impression is vast yellow ocean of sand. The wind twists whirls above it and, as a great architect, constantly builds dunes and barkhans. And he does not like when strangers enter his landscapes, and summons sandstorm, hiding their tracks and sweeping away everything from his domains. Salvation can only be in oasis - a small island of life. However,...
Topics: Atmospheric, Berlin School, Clearness, Desert, Dunes, Meditative, New Age, Oasis, Oriental, Sand,...
Wandering and wondering on a fascinating journey on untrodden paths of the galaxy. Charming excellence of Berlin School sequences and genuine space ambient. An album of records made in 2007-2008, ranging from already mentioned sessions when Desert Dreams and Floating Water were recorded, through Area-View sessions and till last days of 2008. Mastered in January 2009. Now you can hear other untold space stories! Tracklist: 01.Electronic Tree (8:56) 02.Aquatone (13:38) 03.Flying Over the Orange...
Topics: Ambient, Berlin School, Sequences, Space, Spherical, Synthesizer, Traditional Electronic, WMRI
USC (United Studios Corporation)
by Quantum Mechanics
One very mysterious sequence. Does anyone know what it is? Is it something regarding quantum theories or... just a piece of a beautiful sequencer music? 01.Q Sequence (5:21) 02.Do Anything or Do Nothing (8:18) Composed by Quantum Mechanics. All instruments programmed, keyboards and synthesizers played, music written and arranged Alexey Markov. Artwork by Anna Riet. Official Site: Releases Blog: Discogs:...
Topics: Quantum Mechanics, Berlin School, Traditional Electronic, Synthesizers, Sequences
When sunlight disappears from the Earth and sky is obscured in clouds, comes the time of quiet, dank melancholy. Drops of rain on the window. The freshness of moist Universe. Tracklist: 01.Air Flower (4:18) 02.Corrupted Space (4:00) 03.Foreign Lands (4:13) 04.Raindrops (5:21) 05.Undead in Deep Space (3:47) Composed by Kenji. All instruments programmed, music written and arranged, design by Alexey Glushkov. Photography by Wiennat Mongkulmann. Artwork by Anna Riet. Official Site:
Topics: Breakbeat, Chillout, Dubstep, IDM, Indietronica, Kenji, Progressive, Psy-Ambient, Urban
This release is a part of Sound Archives 2003-2006 boxed set that collects all of the earlier full-length releases of WMRI, some of which are published for first time on the web. Moreover, all included materials are original masters as they were first meant to be, even the original track titles were saved. These versions aren't considered authentic, but either historic or relic. 01.After Rain (Techno Mix) (5:36) 02.Sadness (Technix Remix) (8:31) 03.Alternative Dreamplace (5:02) 04.Eternity X2...
Topics: Ambient, Berlin School, Dream, Electro, Futuristic, Melodic, Minimal, New Age, Psychedelic, Space,...
Wonderful expedition into space at the speed of light. The spacemen are full of energy in the first meeting with vast interstellar. Fast run through the stars introduces you to a spherical community in a blink of an eye. Tracklist: 01.The Black Hole (4:56) 02.To Unexplored Worlds (4:38) 03.Interstellar Spaces (3:53) 04.The Dark Matter (4:08) 05.Universal Vasts (5:32) 06.Endless Varieties of Worlds (4:22) 07.Hundreds of Light Years (4:12) 08.Comeback to Earth (4:32) 09.Radio Wave (4:41)...
Topics: Atmospheric, Berlin School, Illumination, Melodic, Mornastra, Sequences, Space, Spacesynth,...
There are mysterious places out of this world. They may even be possible, though are created by our imagination. They are too abstract and ethereal, constantly transforming and never stay the same, but their main idea is caught in this musical sketches. 01.Bell Chants of Timber Prophets (11:46) 02.Clear Vision of the Satin Sky (7:24) 03.Artificial Shapes of the Frosted Valley (9:04) 04.Flare Fortress of the Great Dragon (8:20) 05.Water Cave Where Lizard Sleeps Tonight (12:03) 06.Mysterious...
Topics: Berlin School, Dream, Electro, Melodic, Synthpop, Traditional Electronic, WMRI, Atmospheric,...
There are some corners on Earth, which enchant not with multiplicity of life, but with trembling scales of lifelessness and devastation. Giant wilderness of crackled dried soil. Vast distances, that keep no trail of life. Incredible force made all living to leave this area, and plants died away without ability to avoid their destiny. Tremendous winds and continuous rains left only wasted clay surface coloured with baryte. Tracklist: 01.Eroded Miles (15:10) 02.Barren Extremes (31:00) Composed by...
Topics: WMRI, Space, Ambient, Atmospheric, Soundscapes, Spherical, Cinematic
This release is a part of Sound Archives 2003-2006 boxed set that collects all of the earlier full-length releases of WMRI, some of which are published for first time on the web. Moreover, all included materials are original masters as they were first meant to be, even the original track titles were saved. These versions aren't considered authentic, but either historic or relic. 01.Eclipse - Introduction (0:18) 02.Electric Circle Part II (Extended Version) (9:54) 03.Stars Covering Imagination...
Topics: Ambient, Berlin School, Dream, Electro, Futuristic, Melodic, Minimal, New Age, Psychedelic, Space,...
On the 30th September 2009 there was an idea of performing live on streaming radio. StreamerP2P was chosen as a platform. In some days all the preparations were made and one hour live show was performed on the 4th November. Almost complete improvisation! Only about 10 listeners though. But here it is available again in slightly remastered form and with bonus studio track from the 5th November. Tracklist: 01.Images of Light and Dark (14:07) 02.Excavation Site in Sector E-3 (18:18) 03.At the Moon...
Topics: Ambient, Berlin School, Sequences, Space, Synthesizer, Traditional Electronic, WMRI
Sparkling minimalism of keys tells for itself and paints amusing pictures. They are made in two moods: light as an airy marshmallow or chilly wind and gloomy as evil thoughts or sudden storm clouds. The light part flashes in positive cheer and sustains the calm and monotonous atmosphere. When the darker side bursts the change in a perception is evident. The music can sound loud and solemn in an empty room, as an enigmatic ritual, dismal in times it forces you glance around for a moment. It is...
Topics: Ambient, Experimental, Fog, Melancholic, Metropolis, Minimal, Mist, Modern Classical, Mystic,...
The collective of sonic architects conducted by the ingenious demiurge envisage futuristic soundscapes. The state-of-the-art concept reveals a new dimension in sound somewhere between the known electronic styles while being none of them. The bleeding edge of approaching music, which doesn't have it's own name yet, thus we call it - Technogenic. The opus which is concentrated on the ideas of technological progress and absolute immersion into machinery and hardware in everyday existence. The...
Topics: Ambient, Cinematic, Deep Dimention, Experimental, FaRA, Futuristic, Halcyon Hall, IDM, Industrial,...
Let us tell you the story about wondering and dancing whole day and night. Moving to the beat of the common day you should still collect and share the emotions, think of the high matter and keep the faith in the future. An energetic rhythmic flow of mellow and forceful tunes that should lead you through the unity and diversity of the world of emotional states under the sun. Just lend yourself in hands of the groove! Tracklist: 01.Classico (3:02) 02.Daylight (3:01) 03.Deception (2:38) 04.Distant...
Topics: Breakbeat, Chillout, Chiptune, Dance, Electronic Rock, Game Music, Glitch, IDM, Indietronica,...
The war is over, and dust still hangs in the air after bombing. Postwar calm is filled both with heavy aftertaste and hope for the future. It is like an echoes of the incident telling that something new is shining through ahead after all endured misery. Tracklist: 01.Elemental Elegy Part Two (11:46) 02.Walk-Type 32 (12:35) 03.Aftermath (12:22) Composed by Tornfly. All instruments programmed, music written and arranged, artwork by Igor Tokarev. Official Site: Releases Blog:...
Topics: Alarm, Ambient, Fight, Flight, Future, IDM, Interstellar, Invasion, Psy-Ambient, Space,...
This release is a part of Sound Archives 2003-2006 boxed set that collects all of the earlier full-length releases of WMRI, some of which are published for first time on the web. Moreover, all included materials are original masters as they were first meant to be, even the original track titles were saved. These versions aren't considered authentic, but either historic or relic. 01.After Rain (5:10) 02.Mission (5:00) 03.Nightmare in Heaven (5:02) 04.Hardware (4:18) 05.Type Z (4:45) 06.Stars...
Topics: Ambient, Berlin School, Dream, Electro, Futuristic, Melodic, Minimal, New Age, Psychedelic, Space,...
Artist: SiJ Album: Shadow of Time Label: USC Catalog number: USC-WR-1403.0204 Release Year: 2014 Description: If you glance at the familiar world through a veil of shadow, then the things may take a strange and sinister look. The shadow side always carries something, at first sight, odd, frightening, but if you take deeper into the essence, you can see the extraordinary beauty, which is usually obscured by the bright light of the day. That's the beauty of unusual forms, which are born by hiding...
Topics: SiJ, RMSS Systems Inc., Luís Antero, Bad Sector, Donakor, Particula, Ambient, Drone Ambient, New...
A voyage of the human into space, where he experiences a range of emotions during the journey. He admires the view of Earth after take-off (Behind the Glass), he is being seized by despair (1000 Years), he dreams of home, and he is glad to come back. 1000 Years is a kind of metaphor, that represents expectation, patience and difficulties on a way to the goal, which seem, at times, to be endless. Tracklist: 01.Взлёт (Take-Off) (2:02) 02.За стеклом (Behind the Glass) (2:49)...
Topics: Atmospheric, Dream, Flight, Melancholic, Modern Classical, Piano, Post-Rock, Sequences, Space,...